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    Dongguan Jinmo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

    Jinmo currently has a group of cutting-edge scientific and technological talents in the field of electronic technology, advanced production technology to ensure the company's production capacity and quality consistency (monthly production capacity of 1 million finished products). We have developed IPAD dedicated Bluetooth keyboard with independent intellectual property rights, Android system dedicated Bluetooth keyboard, Windows system dedicated Bluetooth keyboard, folding Bluetooth keyboard, aluminum alloy Bluetooth keyboard, solar Bluetooth keyboard, colorful backlit


    Company's product


    Windows product series

    Detailed description of the Windows product series: 1. Broadcom program. Touchpad: Zhongying + Yilong
    Key core product series

    Key core product series

    Key core finished system: Scissor foot structure, feel more comfortable size: 290.8*108*3.4mm Suitable for 13-inch leather case keyboard, Bluetooth ke

    Bluetooth finished product series

    藍牙鍵盤成品系列: Bluetooth keyboard finished product series: iPad Air Bluetooth keyboard introduction details: 1. Built-i


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